Are you ready... for the Dakinis?

The dakinis are the most important elements of the enlightened feminine in Tibetan Buddhism. They are the luminous, subtle, spiritual energy, the key, the gatekeeper, the guardian of the unconditioned state. When you want to accomplish something, you always invoke the presence of the dakinis.
— Lama Tsultrim Allione
Meet a dakini. Click the photo to book your session.

Meet a dakini. Click the photo to book your session.

While difficult to comprehensively define, the dakini can be depicted as an unpredictable, dancing female energy.  Her appearance changes in various contexts: she may be playful, nurturing, or sharp and wrathful.  Because dakinis are said to break through blockages and obstacles, they are often associated with a fierce, powerful demeanor.  In the absolute sense where there is no separation, they transcend the spectrum of gender and their assistance is therefore within, and available to, all.

One way to understand and work with dakini energy is through the Mandala of the Five Buddha Families.  A mandala (from the Sanskrit for "circle") is a way to illustrate and understand how various aspects of existence operate as an integrated whole, and each family within this mandala, therefore, represents a particular aspect.  Each family can represent a particular ego-centered, or "encumbered," state, but they also contain the transformed, or "wisdom," state. Working with the dakini within each family helps us recognize our patterns and accomplish this transformation.

The Mandala of The Five Buddha Families

BUDDHA family.  This dakini resides at the CENTER of the mandala, and she is WHITE.  Her element is ETHER, and she transforms DISCONNECT into SPACIOUS AWARENESS.  She induces PRESENCE.

VAJRA family.  This dakini is in the EAST of the mandala.  She is BLUE, and her element is WATER.  She transforms ANGER into MIRROR-LIKE WISDOM, and she brings CLARITY.

RATNA family.  She is in the SOUTH, her color is YELLOW, and her element is EARTH.  She transforms INSECURITY into EQUANIMITY, and she brings BALANCE.

PADMA family.  This dakini is in the WEST.  Her color is RED, and her element is FIRE.  She transforms GRASPING into DISCRIMINATING-AWARENESS WISDOM, and she brings COMPASSION.

KARMA family.  Residing in the NORTH, this dakini is GREEN and represents the element of AIR.  She transforms ANXIETY into ALL-ACCOMPLISHING WISDOM.  Her energy brings PEACE.

Experience the Dakinis...

We start your session with a brief consultation to define the issue with which you'd like to work.  As the bodywork portion begins, we will mindfully invoke the dakini's presence by sounding her particular seed syllable (as transmitted by Lama Tsultrim Allione and her authorized teacher, Ellen Booth Church).  With your dakini's energy present, your treatment (combining energetic bodywork, Somatic Experiencing®, massage, and/or guided meditation) is further enhanced by application of one of my proprietary Five Family Aromatherapy Oils©, a pure jojoba base containing therapeutic-grade essential oils carefully selected to accentuate each dakini's qualities. In order to foster an atmosphere of safety and containment, clients remain fully clothed during the Dakini Sessions.

You may wish to choose one particular dakini with whom to work, or you may decide to make your way "around the mandala" by beginning with the Buddha dakini, and moving on to the Vajra dakini, the Ratna dakini, and so on.  Regardless, be prepared for transformation!

Each session is $199, and includes your consultation, invocation of your chosen dakini's presence, aromatherapy, bodywork, and a take-home vial of your dakini's specific Five Family Aromatherapy Oil©Book now.

Being a dynamic principle, the dakini is energy itself; a positive contact with her brings about a sense of freshness and magic. She becomes a guide and consort who activates intuitive understanding and profound awareness, but this energy can turn suddenly and pull the rug out from under you, if you become too attached and fixated. This can be painful. When energy becomes blocked and we feel the pain caused by our fixation, this is the wrathful dakini. Her anger pushes us to let go of clinging and enter her mysterious home.
— Lama Tsultrim Allione
Let go, and enter. Click the photo to book your session.

Let go, and enter. Click the photo to book your session.