For as long as space remains, and as long as sentient beings remain, until then too may I remain to dispel the suffering of all beings.
— Attributed to Shantideva

Anna Sanders, LLC; NC LMBT #13019, FL #MA93255, SEP. Bodhisattva-in-Training. :)

Mother Teresa.  Nelson Mandela.  Pope Francis.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Unencumbered by artificial distinctions of gender, race, and creed, bodhisattvas are beings motivated by great compassion who work to liberate all from suffering.

One needn't be an acknowledged bodhisattva to recognize suffering.  As an Alaska State Trooper Investigator, my clients were the victims of horrific crimes.  Child sexual abuse.  Serious physical abuse.  Sexual assault.  My law enforcement, legal, and therapist colleagues and I did what we could, but the criminal justice system exists primarily to punish the offender.  Although we founded and implemented the first Alaskan survivor-supportive Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), many of our clients still felt unsafe, insecure, shattered, and the limited amount of talk therapy some were fortunate enough to receive often wasn't enough. It was frustrating, often disheartening, work.

I left the Troopers in 1997 and went traveling, processing my own traumas.  Some of the tools I learned and still use today are reiki, cranio-sacral therapy (CST), Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodywork (PSEB), and massage.  I settled in Key West in 2000, and became a full-time bodywork therapist.  It was there in 2006 that I met my Buddhist teacher Lama Tsultrim Allione and began a regular meditation practice. I also practice with Choying Khandro of Dakinis Whisper.

After moving to the Triangle area of North Carolina in 2013, I realized that I still had this vision:  to offer additional and/or alternative methods of clearing trauma to persons motivated to change.  With that in mind, I opened Bodhisattva Bodywork in Chapel Hill, and began my Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP™) studies in the US and Japan. I continue to learn via numerous post-advanced SE™ trainings (Steve Terrell's TEB, Raja Selvam's ISP, Dave Berger’s BASE, etc.). 

I offer secure online SE™ and Somatic Touch sessions (yes, online touch sessions!), and occasionally travel to Japan and Key West/Florida Keys to work with clients in person. For clients in Japan, I have an additional website: Trauma Treatment Center and Resources. 日本語圏の方、こちらへどうぞ: TTCR トラウマトリートメントセンターりーそす

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® (SEP), a FL and NC licensed bodywork and massage therapist, and hold a Master's Level (Teaching) Reiki certification. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, and worked for seven years as an Alaska State Trooper, attaining the Advanced Peace Officer Certification. I’ve developed a series of guided meditation sessions, including the Green Tara Meditation Massage© and The Dakini Sessions©. I have over 1000 hours of bodywork classroom training, 10,000+ hours of hands-on massage and bodywork experience, over twelve years of meditation study and practice, and over nine years of specialized law enforcement training and experience in aiding child and adult survivors of violent crime.

Bodhisattvas are everywhere. Click the photo to book your session.

Bodhisattvas are everywhere. Click the photo to book your session.