Add Happiness to your Life with Lemon!

Buddha knows we've plenty to feel depressed about, and my social media feeds are loaded with potential explanations. Whether it's caused by Mercury in retrograde, is our body's deflated response to an increasingly meaner world, or is perhaps a sign of our body's changing frequency?!, I and many of my clients are reporting just feeling lousy lately.

It goes without saying that regular exercise is helpful. Okay, I've committed to a daily (pretty much) 30 minute walk and to working out with a 28 minute exercise video. At the recommendation of an intuitive healer, I've also cut dairy and soy out of my diet for 90 days, and am taking more green and other supplements. And since it's one of my favorite seasons: summer, there’s lots of sunshine, and blooming flowers, and even a little more down time as clients take advantage of the school break to travel with their families.

Splashy lemon.jpg

So what gives? Why no joy?? I don't have all the answers, but just discovered a surprising helper: lemon.

I happened to have a lemon lying on my kitchen counter that needed to be used. So I squeezed out the juice and pulp, and combined it with a can of sparkling water, a banana, half of an apple, and some ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon in my blender, and took a sip of the resulting mixture. No kidding, almost instantly, I felt differently! Lighter, more energetic, more joyful. It was lightly foamy (carbonated water), slightly sweet (banana and cinnamon), and open-my-eyes refreshing! I've been making smoothies for a while now, with different ingredients I happen to have on hand, but have never added fresh lemon. Honestly, what a difference.

This immediate improvement sent me to the internet to look for answers. Some of the health benefits of the fruit come from the fact that it is high in Vitamin C, which may reduce stroke risk, increase heart health, help maintain a healthy complexion and boost the immune system. Lemon essential oil, as it turns out, is also a huge pick-me-up, among other benefits. And the perfume industry has long used lemon and other citrus oils to add sparkle to fragrances (how could I have forgotten that fabulous lemon-filled fragrance from my teenage years, Jean Nate?).

At any rate, until the stars realign, or world compassion reigns, I'm adding fresh-squeezed lemon to my diet. And I’m heading to my local drugstore to scour the aisles for some Jean Nate.

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