I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance.
— HH Dalai Lama XIV

While His Holiness was referring to how we blindly inflict pain on others, it's also apparent that we cause pain for ourselves.  We all recognize the posture depicted here, and many of us remain in this position for hours a day, little realizing how it may be contributing to our head, neck, shoulder, mid and low back, sciatic, and elbow and wrist pain. 

Our technology isn't going away, so how can we teach ourselves to work with it more effectively?


In the Seated Warrior Massage I use postural assessment, myofascial and neuromuscular therapy, and my proprietary blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils infused in pure jojoba to target and loosen the specific muscle groups and trigger points that are adversely affected by extended periods of sedentary, relatively immobile behavior.  We discuss the connection between certain postural habits and associated pain patterns so that you gain a better understanding of your particular issues and potential resolutions. 

Your session price is $159, and includes the intake assessment, aromatherapy, myofascial/neuromuscular therapy, and a take-home vial of Seated Warrior Pain Relief Oil©Book now.

Take steps. Click the photo to book your Seated Warrior Massage.

Take steps. Click the photo to book your Seated Warrior Massage.