Aromatherapy is the art and science of using naturally extracted plant aromatic essences to promote physical, mental, and emotional health.  Pure therapeutic essential oils enhance the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal, and maintain itself.

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Add (presence. clarity. balance. compassion. peace. courage. comfort. ease) to any session.

The Five Family Aromatherapy Oils© -- formulated for use with The Dakini Sessions

presence.  The Buddha Family – color White – element Ether – afflictive emotion Disconnect – transformed emotion Spacious Awareness.

  • Patchouli: for apathy and indecision, sharpens wits

  • Cedar: a mild stimulant, grounds, clears negative energy, promotes clarity of mind

  • Coriander: circulates chi, addresses lethargy, brings calm joy, stimulates creative energy

  • Bergamot Mint: relieves depression and anxiety

  • Clary Sage: calms mind, aids with indecision

clarity.  The Vajra Family – color Blue – element Water – afflictive emotion Anger – transformed emotion Mirror-Like Wisdom.

  • Vetiver: cool and moist, clears heart, calms, uplifts

  • Petitgrain: releases anger and panic, protects against mental anguish

  • Ylang Ylang: tonic for overexcitation and temper

balance.  The Ratna family – color Yellow – element Earth – afflictive emotion Insecurity – transformed emotion Equanimity

  • Spikenard: grounds, balances, reduces fear and brings courage

  • Cardamom: enhances concentration, strengthens resolve, encourages generosity, brings emotional balance

  • Geranium: balances, enhances sensory perception, relieves insecurity

  • Lemongrass: cuts through emotional fog, helps forgiveness of self and others, encourages calm and balance

  • Grapefruit: calms while energizing, addresses overindulgence, aids with shedding of ego, encourages generosity

compassion.  The Padma family – color Red – element Fire – afflictive emotion Grasping – transformed emotion Discriminating-Awareness Wisdom.

  • Amyris: relaxes and calms nerves and heart chakra; anchors energy in a state of receptivity and openness; opens the pathways for love, inspiration, and transformation

  • Cacao: reduces anxiety, helps break addictive patterns, enhances pleasure

  • Rose: nurtures, promotes self-love

  • Lavender: supports ability to turn inward, increases awareness

peace.  The Karma family – color Green – element Air – afflictive emotion Anxiety – transformed emotion All-Accomplishing Wisdom.

  • Frankincense: free excess tension, promotes higher consciousness

  • Sweet Marjoram: reduces obsessive thought

  • Cypress: dissipates fear, increases circulation, aids concentration, reduces loose thinking

  • Tangerine: quells nervousness and anxiety

Fearless Compassion Aromatherapy Oil© -- formulated for use with Green Tara Meditation Massage

courage.  Contains:

  • Rosewood: invites compassion into heart, induces meditative state, supports self-empowerment

  • Tea Tree: dispels feelings of victimization, assists with recognition of and acceptance of shadow self, promotes healthy boundaries

  • Ginger: promotes confidence and positive self-worth, reduces resistance, instills inner strength

  • Ylang Ylang: promotes enthusiasm and confidence, clears anger and frustration

  • Lemon: opens heart chakra, encourages trust, instills sense of security, promotes hope

Comforted Child Aromatherapy Oil© -- formulated for use with the Comforted Child Nurturing Massage

comfort.  Contains:

  • Benzoin: calms and uplifts, boosts circulation

  • Cacao: opens heart chakra, reduces stress and anxiety

  • Amyris: anchors energy in state of receptivity and openness, uplifts and soothes

  • Frankincense: strengthens immune system, encourages trust

  • Bergamot Mint: relieves depression and anxiety

  • Petitgrain: relieves anger and panic, uplifts and relaxes

  • Ylang Ylang: relieves depression, boosts self-esteem

  • Rose: calms and supports heart, invokes joy

Seated Warrior Pain Relief Oil© -- formulated for use with the Seated Warrior Pain Relief Massage

ease.  Contains:

  • Plai: relieves pain and inflammation of joints and muscles, reduces swelling

  • Sweet Marjoram: analgesic for overexertion of muscles, antispasmodic, relieves inflammation

  • Scotch Pine: relieves fatigue, stimulates circulation, relieves joint and muscle aches

  • Lavender: anti-inflammatory, balances, calms, relaxes

All of the Exclusively at Bodhisattva Bodywork Aromatherapy Oils© contain therapeutic-grade pure essential oils.  As much as possible, the oils are either organic or wildcrafted.  Although the essential oils are in dilutions "generally recognized as safe" and the aroma is not as strong as a perfume, they are still very potent.  Use with care.  The above descriptions are informational only and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Bloom. Click the photo to book a session.

Bloom. Click the photo to book a session.